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100th episode Speculation : Blair and her Men...

We have to wait less than 36 hours to watch the 100th episode of Gossip Girl. The milestone hour has been hyped by almost every spoiler site and people, who have already watched, are praising it and teasing us with a huge twist in the episode. So, I've been thinking about it lately trying to imagine how the episode could go or what the gigantic twist could be and I've actually come up with some ideas I'd like to share with you:

     The main question that is raised for the episode is whether Blair will end up finally marrying Louis. It's pretty obvious and it has been that way since Louis appeared in the show that Blair isn't in love with him but with his title. It might be subconscious, maybe Blair can't see it right now but what she originally found attractive about Louis was the fact that he is a prince. The proof of that has been given by the writers themselves, as when Blair thought that Louis was a simple driver of the prince, she instantly stopped caring about him. (On a side note, I've always wondered why Louis would want to be with her after that...)
     The second thing that obviously drew her to him, was the fact that their relationship was easy. Chuck and Blair's love is great as she said and her and Louis' is the right kind of love. Blair has been through so much in her relationship with Chuck during these years, that all she needed was some kind of peace in her life for once. And Louis gave her that. This explains how Blair had reconsidered being with Chuck after Louis started scheming. Because then she realised that Louis wasn't giving her the prospect of a peaceful, simple life anymore. Therefore, the only reason she still considered the possibility of marrying him was her child.
      In addition to this, in 5x11 Blair made it very cleat that the only reason she was marrying Louis was to protect Chuck. It's been painful watching Blair being that unhappy and miserable in this episode. And it obviously wasn't only due to her  miscarriage but it was also the fact that she was so unsatisfied with the way her life has been unfolding. Yet in 5x12 reading Dan's Louis' vows made her so happy, because they gave her hope. She realised that she is not that unlucky because she is marrying someone who loves her and understands her much more than she expected. And now she is somehow excited again about getting married, as the fairytale wedding she always dreamed is still on.
      My impression is that in every fan thinks that there is no way this marriage is happening. And let's be honest it wouldn't be right if it did. Blair loves someone else (or maybe two other men, it depends on how the rest of season goes) and Louis has been so disappointing this season. But it would be a twist if Blair actually married him for some reason and maybe that's what they are rooting for (still I hope not).
Let's explore the second greater question raised: Why would the wedding stop? Because of Chuck, Dan or none of the above?

a. Chuck: Considering the previous episodes, this is the most plausible answer. Blair obviously loves Chuck, she was willing to sacrifice her happiness for him. These two have been through so much together and no matter who you ship or what you think of them as a couple you have to admit that they love each other to death. If Chuck found out the real reason she left him, maybe he would be able to change her mind and convince her to run away with him. This would put an end to the pact with God storyline and let them have their happily ever after.. ( for one or two episodes because the writers actually admitted that if they got them together right now they'd have to break them up immediately.) And let's face it, they still have various issues that need to be resolved.
     In my opinion a Chair reunion should happen after some respectful amount of time. These two are depending so much on each other that it's unhealthy. I think that they should really mature and especially Chuck before even considering the possibility of ever getting together again. That's not to say I think Chuck is a bad guy, but his whole life revolves around her, so it would be great if they just gave him a short time period on his own to be more independent.

b. Dan: Blair right now is in denial of her feelings for him. If something happened ,for example learning about the vows, that might cause her to face her feelings and evaluate them, she would probably reconsider the whole wedding thing. Even though I think that unless  this whole pact with God is resolved, Blair wouldn't stop the wedding. However much in love she is with him, even if she loved him more than Chuck, she wouldn't risk hurting Chuck.
     After all, I think that if she chose based on logic, she would pick Dan. Because throughout the years, when she was describing the kind of love she wanted or the relationship she dreamed of, her description could fit her and Dan's relationship. It's just depends on her feelings for him. If she actually falls (or has fallen) for him and those feelings could actually compete with those she has for Chuck, there is a chance that she would pick him. But I believe that Blair respects him and loves him enough as a friend, to not have a relationship with him unless she is even slightly in love with him, not just because of his kindness.

c. None of the above: And that's what I think will happen. Somehow the pact with God storyline is resolved (Blair realises it's not important enough, or that God wouldn't want her to marry someones she doesn't love or even sending her a sign that the pact can be canceled). Because marrying Louis is part of the pact and an important condition of it. If she just stopped the wedding, she'd feel that she was risking Chuck's life and she would never do that.
    So, somehow the pact is off and even after marrying Louis she realises that she doesn't have to be with him and she runs. I don't think she will get back with Chuck for some reason (my guess is that him going back to his evil ways and working with Georgina, would make Blair rethink of the fact that he is mature enough) and I highly doubt than anything that remarkable would happen between Dan and Blair, at least at this point.  
The writers have also declared that what will happen in the last minutes of the episode will change the course of the season. So I guess there must be something we can't actually predict... What do you think will happen in the episode? Let me know by commenting.

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