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Gossip Girl Review: Season 5 Episode 15 Crazy Cupid Love

                                                                                                                    Blair came back from her honeymoon and brought a little surprise! The creeper! The creeper is responsible for Blair's public appearances...

Dan comes to Rufus' house to get his Blurays to show them to Blair. His dad didn't forget to remind him that Blair is married...
Chuck and Serena talk on the phone. It's nice to be shown how friendly Chuck and Serena are to each other these days. 
Chuck: Hasn't exactly been a better year for us in the romance department.
Serena: At least the person you love, told you she feels the same. Mine won't even respond. 

Blair finally meets Serena. She tells her that since they've both done something bad- Serena sending the video and Blair riding off with Serena's wedding date- they should forgive each other. Even though what Serena did was worse.

Serena reveals her that she didn't actually send the video. Blair appreciates her gesture and since Serena had her best interest in heart,
she forgives her. Serena forgives Blair too, as she admits that she was never really mad at her. So, Blair asks her if she has any plans for the Valentine's Day. Serena, as it turns out, has a "hot date" with an old lady to help her write an article about how awful Valentine's Day is.

This nice conversation is interrupted when Dan comes in. Serena quickly heads out. Dan hands Blair the DVDs and finds out that Blair actually has plans of going to a philanthropic event. She urges him to have fun himself.
After Dan is gone too, Blair comes up with a not so bright idea as it turned out. She was actually told that:
Serena-" The last good one (Valentine's day) I had was in high school.
Dan-I've never really had a date in Valentines day since high school with Serena.
Blair feels inspired and wants to play cupid for Dan and Serena. Even Dorotta can foresee the disaster that is coming up.

Nate keeps pursuing Charlie and asks her for a date. Her response is rather disappointing for him as she thinks a date in Valentine's Day is cheesy and turns him down.
Meanwhile, we discover that Georgina actually pays people to spy on all of them, including Nate's secretary. Looking for a scandal, her husband suggests that she should blackmail Dan using the information that he sent the video(!). He also inspires her, as his comment on how convenient it would be if they could actually go back to high school.

 Georgina uses Nate's secretary to manipulate him into organising a party. The prospect of hiring Charlie as a cater to that party, intrigues Nate, who wants desperately to see "Lola" again.

And fake Charlie/ Ivy is back. She meets Rufus and wants to see Lily to tell her something personal. She waits for her in the penthouse. Georgina learns that she came back and meets her to convince her to give her some gossip. Ivy gives her the only information she has, that Blair has signed a prenuptial contract. Georgina looks into it, gets the prenup and notices the dawry, which she knows that should be very useful to her.
Blair's plan is working, as Serena and Dan are both sitting alone in the same restaurant waiting for their working partners. Serena noticed Dan. When Dan spots Serena he heads to her table, asking her the reason she is here.

The waiter offers them two glasses of wine and they hesitantly start talking. All of the above happen with Blair being in a remote table, watching the unfolding of her plan. As she sees them sitting in the same table, she decides it's time to go.

Nate hires the catering company that Charlie works for the party, but they tell him that Lola doesn't want to work for events of the NY Spectator. Chuck suggests that they should have the party on their apartment in the Empire, so that Charlie will come to assist. He won't be there anyway, since he will be downstairs for the official party of the hotel.

Dan and Serena seem to enjoy themselves, when an old couple from the other table (obviously hired by Blair) suggest that they look great together as a couple, and that the couple has been together since high school for 25 years. Blair's goal was to draw parallels between the old couple and Dan and Serena to show them how they could be in 20 years.

A desert is also offered by the restaurant, but Dan understands something is wrong, since this exact desert isn't in any other table. Dan and Serena suspect Blair's involvement, because both of their meetings where postponed.

Blair chooses her dress for the night. She is amused by her cupid role and wants to use Nate's party to revive the spark between Dan and Serena. When she learns though Gossip Girl that the party is held at Empire, she decides that there is no way she can go there and thinks of the bright idea of dressing Dorota in a school uniform.

Serena comes back from the restaurant and this time she seems quite aware of the situation.
Serena: Dan doesn't have feelings for me and there's nothing that's gonna change that...

Dan meets Nate to actually tell him that he won't go to the party. Nice to see them together! Date forever!!!!! But Gossip Girl changes his plans as she blackmails him. She threatens to reveal that he sent the video on the wedding day...

So, Dan asks Blair to come to the party to bring Serena to the party. Dan says he doesn't want to start dating with Serena, but see where this goes without the pressure of a date.

Blair explains to Dan that she can't be in Chuck's hotel with the creeper following her. Dan convinces her that it would be good for her to take her there to show the world that there is nothing she is afraid of  and that Chuck won't be there. Blair agrees and seems excited with the way things unfold. She is going to stop by Nate's party to drop Serena and then go to the event the creeper wants her to go.

Blair brings Serena and the creeper to the party. Serena and most of the people attending the party are dressed in their school uniforms. I kind of missed these uniforms since they were seen so frequently in the earlier seasons.

Blair is very relaxed until she meets Chuck in the elevator. Their looks are priceless. This shows how sometimes you don't need having repetitive scenes in every episode with admissions of love. Sometimes a look is enough.

Chuck tells them that he is leaving and going downstairs. After overcoming the initial shock, she tells the creeper that there is nothing going on between her and Chuck. The creeper is obviously disappointed by the party and decides to go downstairs to keep an eye on Chuck.

Nate tries to charm Charlie who obviously isn't an easy target.

Dan meets Ivy downstairs, who has been there to find Lily to tell her what she wanted. He takes her to meet Serena. Serena is curious about the reason she disappeared. Chivy says that she felt guilty because Chuck and Blair's accident happened after they left from her party. Serena is eager to learn what goes on in her life.

Meanwhile, Blair finds Dan and puts off his tie, so that he looks better. When Dan seems uncomfortable, Blair thinks he is nervous about telling Serena his feelings. So she encourages him saying:
-Listen you have nothing to worry about Dan, Serena already likes you, you know that. Look I'm telling you, just be your charming wonderful self, like you've been with me all year.
-You think I've been wonderful?
-Are you kidding me? Look at everything we've been through together... You kept it a secret when you found out I was pregnant, you shielded me from the world, so I could do my paternity test and brought me to a priest in my darkest hour. You wrote Louis vows for him and then you saved me from my own wedding. Do I need to go on?
-If you are that guy with Serena, how could she not love you? You are gonna make your move or what?

And I think that's the moment, that it becomes clear to her and to us that however much she denies it, she has feelings for him. The way she looked at him after her admission is speaking volumes. When Gossip Girl sends him a message asking him to kiss her he suspects that she is in the party. Dan looks around to find Gossip Girl and Blair watches him in a way that shows us that she wants him.

And we find out that the real and fake Charlie actually know each other.

Blair reveals Serena that Dan showed some interest and urges her to find him. Blair, then, realises that she has kept Dan's tie and tries to find him to give it to him.

Dan texts Gossip Girl declaring her that he won't kiss Blair. When he hears a cell phone ring, he thinks it might come from her phone so he sends another one. He discovers that the owner of the phone is Georgina and assumes she is Gossip Girl.

Georgina says that she is not Gossip Girl just working for her. Dan tells her that she can't blackmail him anymore because if she revealed about the message, he would out her.
Georgina, then, advices Dan to kiss Blair, since anyone else in his place would have done it much earlier...

Blair finds Dan and Georgina talking. She looks surprised and even jealous, which would be weird since she is prompting him herself to get back together with Serena. Dan quickly tells her that Georgina is leaving. Blair asks him whether he is serious about being with Serena and if he is setting her up for disappointment. Dan asks her if she wants him to be with Serena. Blair responds that she wants him to be happy.

Her question:" What would make you happy?" is answered by him kissing her. And what would be more surprising at least one episode ago, is the fact that after a short moment of hesitation she kisses him back. In this episode, we finally get a glimpse at Blair's feelings for Dan. The lack of her perspective, made it hard to tell if she was in denial of her feelings or if she didn't have any romantic feelings at all (even though she indubitably loved him as a friend). Furthermore, it refutes the argument that Dan and Blair don't have romantic chemistry just friendly. The kissing scene was fantastic.
The moment is ruined though by Georgina's intrusion and Serena walking in the room witnessing the kiss. Blair looks surprised and guilty and Serena is obviously hurt. Serena had her hopes up, just to be let down as Blair foresaw.

Dan walks out  to catch Georgina, while Serena and Blair have a heart-breaking conversation. Serena accuses Blair of using Dan to get back at her, because she thought she sent the video. She says that they can't keep having the same fight every time and that when something like this happens, it is a sign that a friendship should end. At this point, Serena isn't ready to accept or hasn't understood that Blair actually has feelings for Dan. Blair wanted to help her and Dan very much.

In the meantime, a clueless Chuck turns down Alessandra, Dan's book agent

Nate joins Charlie and Ivy talking and his talk with Charlie later, helped her understand the fraud Ivy and her mother had set.

Dan and Georgina fight for the cell phone (hilarious!) until Georgina tells Dan that she's already told him. Georgina reveals him about Blair's dawry and tells him her opinion that the girl he likes has shown him a sign that she likes him back.

Georgina finds Chuck and shows him Blair and Dan's kiss. And in Chuck's room nonetheless. So a pissed Chuck looks at Alessandra dancing.

Dan talks to Blair before she leaves to the  event. He tells her that he knows about the dawry and she admits that her feelings for Louis are only business. Dan asks her what her feelings for him are since this time  she definetely kissed him back.

She says that it doesn't matter what he felt since she would never do something that would hurt Serena.

Georgina won't publish the photo because she thinks that Dan and Blair's relationship could give her much more scandals.

And now Serena and Blair living together is very very akward... I wonder how things will go in the future for them.

Chuck's intention to use Alessandra to get back on Dan was made very clear. Actually, earlier that night Alessandra was practically throwing herself on him and he didn't even consider sleeping with her. (so unlike the old Chuck.) So, when he saw Blair kissing Dan, he was both shocked and mad. Expect a very competitive Chuck!

And the creeper is secretely in love with Louis which makes her much more creepy. This has to be relevant in some way, so in the future I expect creeper to play a more important role.

Charlie finds out about the deception her mother has organised while Ivy spends time with a very sick Cece.

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