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Gossip Girl Episode Review: Season 5, Episode 13 : G.G. (Part 2)

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Georgina comes up with a plan to ruin the wedding. She wants to seduce the prince and have Blair witness it as well as send a video to Gossip Girl, to make sure Blair will cancel the wedding to save face. Unfortunately for her, Rufus notices her presence and with the help of Lily prevent this plan from actually happening.
Chuck goes to talk to Blair with the help of Eleanor. Poor guy trying to figure out the reason she left him and the reason she is going through with a wedding she obviously doesn't want. Blair once again assures him that she loves him more than anything and that even if they are not together, she wants him to find someone that loves him just like Louis loves her. Once again, Georgina gets lucky as the room she was, is exactly next to the room Chuck and Blair's conversation gets place. Georgina records it, and gives the video to Chuck, hoping that he will show it to Louis and the wedding will be over.
Serena walks in, interrupting Chuck and Blair's conversation, and advices Blair that she shouldn't be marrying someone else just because she is afraid of getting back together with Chuck. This episode has so many Serena and Blair scenes that it makes it hard to choose my favorite, Their friendship has been fundamental for the show, especially in the earlier seasons, so it's good to be reminded that, It seems that these days, the person Blair turns to when she has a problem is Dan, which however much I love Dair scenes, reduces drastically the scenes that portray the unique connection Serena and Blair share.
Serena decides to reveal to Chuck Blair's pact with God, hoping that if he knew the real reason, he could stop the wedding.
Meanwhile, Dan and Louis talk. During their conversation, Dan finds out that Louis already knows that he and Serena were fake-dating. That revelation left him wandering why Serena would lie to him like that. Dan was clueless at this point about Serena's feelings for him. When they walk down the altar, Dan demands to know the reason everyone thinks they are really dating. Serena confesses to him then that she might have done something bad.

Let me just add here that Rufus really confuses me. He is the one encouraging Dan to talk to Blair about his feelings, yet again he seems so proud when he and Serena walk down the isle. I think we saw the way he looked at them for a reason but I really don't get which it was.
Blair wants Cyrus to walk her down the isle as well, which is one of the most wonderful scenes in the episode. I like Cyrus really much and the relationship he and Blair have developed is one of the sweetest ones we've seen in this show.

What's really telling is that when the priest asks if any man can show any just cause these two can't lawfully be together, everyone expects Chuck to say something. Ultimately, Gossip Girl surprises us, as she outs the video showing Blair admitting how much she loves Chuck. Blair escapes the room running.
Which leads us to the second important Chuck and Blair scene in the episode. Chuck reveals to Blair that he now knows about the pact with God and urges her to leave with him. Once again Blair explains him just how scary it was for her when she nearly lost him and how she would do anything to prevent this from happening. Louis shows up then, and Blair assures him that she has chosen him and that she promises she will never embarrass him again. Louis doesn't answer and goes to talk with his mother.
The wedding is back on, as Blair apologises for the interruption.
At the wedding reception, Serena decides she wants to tell Dan how she feels. So she just does. Dan's reaction wasn't exactly what she expected and she goes away, asking him to talk when her maid of honour duties are over. Dan seems originally surprised and he gives us the impression that he doesn't reciprocate. However, Serena's grand gesture and the "Dan Humphrey, I love you, always have, always will" quote, shows us that even after lying to him, Serena did the right thing and didn't resort to schemes and tricks to win him back.
And here comes the twist! Louis, when he and Blair are dancing their first dance as a married couple, reveals her that their marriage happened just for the public, as he isn't interested in her anymore after what she did. This scene really makes Louis much more believable to me. His actions have always seemed to me so weird and random. He was forgiving her everything, while simultaneously doing the most selfish things (Like wanting to send to Nate's site her "affair" with Dan after all she's been through). Blair is so surprised... The vows obviously had proved her that Louis actually loves her very much and she is asking him what happened to this love. Louis, then, tells her that Dan wrote the vows. As soon as the dance is over, Blair looks for help, as she realises she has done a great mistake.
Misleading as Gossip Girl always is, they make us believe that she called Chuck to get her. But as soon as we  watch Chuck asking Serena where Blair is because he wants to apologise, we figure out that's not the case. Serena has also been looking for Dan, so watching Blair leaving with Dan isn't something that really takes us by surprise.
And, finally, Gossip Girl is............ Georgina!?! or at least the new Gossip Girl.... or  was she Gossip Girl from the beginning? Georgina fits the descriptions in many ways and in many other she doesn't. We can't deny that she is witty and that she delivers the most hilarious lines. Plus, she knows them very well... All of them. I always thought that Gossip Girl knew them too well to be a total stranger. But she also gave me the feeling that she was someone that cared about them too. Sure Gossip Girl has said some mean things in the past, but I never thought she hated them. Georgina clearly hates Blair if we judge by this episode. In addition to these, when Juliette last year drugged Serena Gossip Girl was originally pissed at her and helped Dan and Blair find her. Georgina, on the other hand, has drugged Serena herself so I don't think she would care that much or find it that immoral.
What do you think? 

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