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Gossip Girl Review: Season 5 Episode 12 (5x12)

Episode 5x12 is the 99th ,which obviously sets up for the 100th episode. In the beginning of the 99th, we watch Nate working with Gossip Girl to learn more about the accident, while Chuck keeps doing a survey of his own, stalking Blair to learn the reason she left him. I'm feeling really sorry for Chuck these days, he seems so desperate to find out the truth. And the insistence he shows might be the reason that he will lose Blair's trust...(again)

.                            Blair and Beatrice are organising Blair's bachelor party. They seem to really have bonded after Blair's miscarriage, which might be misleading at this point of the episode.

 Serena and Dan continue their fake dating and Serena seems more invested in their fake relationship as she should. On the contrary Dan makes it clear every chance he gets that he is doing it for Blair.
Serena writes an article in her column, which refers to their relationship, that hurts Dan's chances of writing a new book that isn't a sequel to the Insider.

Meanwhile, Father  Cavalia  finds out  Blair's intentions to dismiss him from the royal Court and her feelings for Chuck Bass (she is still dreaming of him). He convinces Beatrice to conspire against Blair. The plan is simple. During the bachelor party, Blair will get drunk, meet Chuck and the two of them are going to show Louis how Blair really feels about Chuck.

Chuck learned where the party is really held by Father  Cavalia and went there to talk to Blair. The plan initially seems to be working since Beatrice gets Blair really really intoxicated... And it was actually fun watching Blair lose control for once. When a girl gives her a joint to hold, Blair gets herself arrested as she confuses real policemen to strippers!

 Dan, who has been there to end his fake-relationship with Serena, thinks Chuck is behind Blair's arrest once he sees him outside the bar.
Serena, by the way, was absent when all these occurred as she has been busy helping Nate.

At the police station, Blair blames Beatrice for her arrest but Dan quickly tells her that he had seen Chuck there which probably meant that he was responsible for this... Beatrice decides to stop trying to sabotage Blair and proves her devotion by having taken away and giving to Blair all the proof of what had happened in the Bachelor party. And finally the sisters in law are getting along!

Nate's communication with gossip girl seems to be very fruitful as Gossip Girl has given him evidence that suggest his cousin Tripp payed Max to get him killed, causing Chuck and Blair's accident. Now it's obviously Nate's turn !

Gossip Girl asks him to postpone publicising Serena's column as we deduce later in the episode. Serena, initially, was convinced by Nate's excuses about the postponing but after she finds out about the secret alliance,she publicises the blog on her own.

Serenate fighting and Serena getting fired seems to be only a plan to get Tripp to talk. Serena invites Tripp over to confess. She pretends to believe in his innocence only to have their conversation eavesdropped by Nate and their grandfather. When Tripp ends up accusing his wife, Nate and the grandfather intervene, as grandfather reveals that Tripp's wife has been with him the night of the accident. In the end, Tripp admits that he was indeed behind the attempted murder, but he didn't intend on killing Nate ,just on ruining his weekend with the grandfather.
Nate finally stands up to his own grandfather, and declaring him that he is looking for other investors for the New York spectator. It's good to see Nate being mature and independent and this really conveys how much he has evolved since the earlier seasons.
 Serena finds out about Blair's arrest and heads to the police department. There, she meets Dan, who asks her to end their fake relationship, fortunately without hurting Serena's fake-feelings, because of  his fake book. I loved this fake-conversation so much!

The next morning, Serena brings coffee to Blair who is  experiencing hangover. Blair confides in Serena that she had read Louis vows and that she loves them! She also says that she had doubted that Louis  really knows her even though she was sure he loves her, and therefore she feels sure about marrying him.

And here comes the twist! The vows were written by Dan not Louis.The one who really knows her is Dan as Louis wasn't even able to write the vows for his marriage with the woman he supposedly loves. Dan, on the other hand, peered into her soul.

Moreover, Blair tells Serena that she can stop fake-dating Dan as she and Louis are in a good place. However, Serena wants to keep her relationship with Dan and thus tells him that Blair asked them to keep their fake dating till the wedding.
Serena has fallen for Dan all over again, and her attempts to regain him are pitiful. Doesn't she understand that Dan will find out sometime, especially now that Dan and Blair are practically best friends?

I'm feeling sorry for her and at the same time think that it is somehow her own fault that she has lost him (at least for the time being). She's always taken him for granted and she is now starting to realise that if she wants to be with him, she has to fight for him. Her conversation with Chuck really affected her and  that's the reason she resorted to lying to Dan in the first place.

Chuck isn't willing to give up on Blair so he teams up with Father  Cavalia . Father Cardelia, after literally destroying Beatrice's credibility by revealing her mother about her schemes, looks for his new ally. And who's more interested in stopping this wedding than Chuck Bass?

I'm not a native speaker so I hope my mistakes haven't made my review impossible to read. I'd really like to know what you think about it... So feel free to comment.

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