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Gossip Girl Speculations: Chuck and Blair (Chair)

Chuck and Blair

History: Chuck and Blair suddenly became aware of their attraction after having sex in the back of the limo, after Blair and Nate broke up. Chuck realised he was in love with her and after Nate dissapointed Blair once again, she gave their relationship a chance. Since then, they had been strugling to get together and had a regular relationship at the first half of season 3.  Chuck's attempt to trade her for the Empire ended their relationship. In the season 3 finale, Chuck gave Blair an ultimatum. She would either show up at the Empire State Building by seven o' clock or he would close his heart to her forever. Blair didn't get there in time, because of Dorota's child birth. Chuck was very dissapointed and slept with Jenny. When Blair got to the Empire to tell him the reason she was late, Jenny was still in the room. Later at the hospital, when Chuck was ready to propose to her, Dan punched him for sleeping with his sister. Blair got mad and didn't want to be with him anymore. 
Chuck got lost during the upcomming summer and when he came back, he brought his new love Eva. After Blair's attempts to break them up succeeded, Chuck declares war between them. A war that would ultimately result into another make up which ended when Blair wanted to have a successful career before getting back together with Chuck. Chuck doesn't want to be friends with Blair if they aren't together. 
When prince Louis comes to New York to find Blair and wants to marry her, initially Chuck tries to stop her. The night of her engagement, Chuck and Blair have sex and Blair tells him that she wants to be with him, because good love can't be compared to great love. Chuck lets her go though, because he thinks that Louis can make her happy.       In the season five premiere, we find out that Blair is pregnant. She doesn't know if the baby father is Louis or Chuck. After the paternity test proves that the baby father is Louis, Blair informs Chuck in a heartbreaking scene. Louis got dark while it's clear that Chuck becane the man Blair always wanted. This made Blair question her decision to marry Louis. When they finally decide to be together, they get involved in a car accident. Chuck's life is in danger, and Blair makes a pact with God which defines that she can't be with Chuck if she wants him to be alive. She forces herself to marry Louis. At her wedding day she tells Chuck that she loves him and that conversation is recorded by Georgina and sent to Gossip Girl by Dan. The wedding goes on despite of that, but Louis reveals her at their wedding reception that their marriage is just business. Blair wants to divorce Louis but the diowry that they signed in their prenuptials, forces her to stay married to him for a year. Chuck offers to pay the dowry but Blair doesn't want that. Blair realises that she has feelings for Dan and despite Chuck's efforts to keep them apart she is still with him after telling him that he owns her heart and telling Chuck that she loves him but she is not in love with him.

Conclusions: Chuck and Blair certainly share their low self-esteem. Even though they'd like to seem confident , deep down they think of themselves as people not worthy of love and attention. Chuck has grown up with a father that always has been underestimating him and showing him how unwothy he was. Bart Bass was a very dark person and his complicated past made it difficult for him to show his son the love and appreciation he deserved. In order to hide the dark family secrets which I'm sure haven't yet been revealed, he told his son that his mother died when she gave birth to him. This has tramatized Chuck deeply as he is carrying the guilt of killing his father.
Blair's mother has been nothing but judgemental and demanding when we first met her. But that wasn't her greatest problem. Her father had left her mother and lived in another country. As if this wasn't hard enough to deal with, her boyfriend for years had been in love with  her best friend and lying to her, her best friend left for a year without telling her. Serena seemed to outshine Blair at everything, which made her even less confident. Of course, Blair's problems back then were far less tramatic and permanent as Chuck's but yet again you can see the reason they hang so much on each other.
They became each other's greatest fan and helped each other prove that they were worthy of love and respect. Blair became Chuck's helper through the toughest times like losing his father. 
Their lives have been so closely connected all those years that now they can't tell who they are without one another. Chuck more of the two of them has relied so much on her that the thought of losing makes him doing imbecile things that would only damage their relationship more. That's where the problem with them lies.
 In the first season, the most important couples were Dan and Serena  and Chuck and Blair. Especially in the first two seasons everything came back to that. And what's really interesting is comparing these couples. How differently they expressed they love. In my mind, Derena was the healthy couple. Because both Dan and Serena despite their problems, have always been independent. They helped  one another but they were together only because they wanted to, not because they needed support or a boost in confidence. Whenever they got back together, it was because they were in love not because they needed each other to tick.
On the other hand, Chuck and Blair have a pathological aspect to them. When they were together in the beginning of Season 3 they were a great couple. My favourite line that definetely describes them is "two wrongs that make a twisted right" as Serena told. I loved the way one always predicted what the other needed. And against the odds, Chuck was more mature than Blair. Their trust problems though emerged even in the starting points of their relationship. Their scheming nature and conspiring ways that drew them together in the start, made it difficult for them to fully trust. Blair kept pushing him at the beginning, playing games and using him in her schemes without telling him beforehand. 
The greatest and final blow, however, came from Chuck.The whole hotel deal was by far the most morbid thing about their relationship. The way Chuck manipulated Blair into going to meet his uncle was only creepy, while it was clear that Blair's intentions were to help him. The scariest part, though, was that Chuck couldn't realise how disastrous it would turn out to be. He broke their rule: scheming only against the others, not one another. Worst he chose the Empire over Blair. That's the point where Blair gets sick of games. That sick that she can't live like that any more. That her self-confidence gets lower than ever and she actually sees clearly the pain their games can cause.
That's the point when she starts questioning everything... The minute the right love comes into the equasion. Blair no longer wants to conspire against people. The relationship that once made her confident and helped her self esteem rise is now a relationship that makes her feel ashamed of her self.
 "Who else could love me after what I've become?" 
The current problem they are facing has nothing to do with Dan as Blair says. It's the fact that all those experiences, mostly bad Blair has acquired this last year have changed her. She isn't the same person that would scheme endlessly if she had the chance, or trying to control her life and the lives of those around her. Chuck, even though he has matured very much all those years, he still can't get Blair's need to leave her old self back. They love each other very much but they are not the same people they once were. That doesn't mean that they can't work things out anymore or that they shouldn't be together but they will have some catching up to do. 
Spending sometime apart, might not seem ideal right now but it sure seems the right thing to do. They can't be together if she is in love with Dan. They can't be together if they still have the same insecurities they always had. But they can grow separately and get together when the time is right. Dan has helped Chuck and Blair find their way  back to each other many times in the past. So, he could either break them apart or help them get their forever. Blair's relationship with Dan isn't bad for Chair. It might seem that way superficially but I believe that it isn't. Dan gives Blair the self-confidence Chuck once gave her and helps her understand that she isn't awful and someone that can't be loved. She is someone who deserves to be happy and loved. Their relationship is solving one of the main problems Chair relationship has faced, at least from Blair's part. When and if she goes back with Chuck, it won't be because he is the only one who could love her after what she's become. It will be because she loves him and wants to be with him, the way it was supposed to be from the beginning.

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