Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Episodes 19-24

What will happen at the last 6 episodes of Season 5. There are some spoilers from various sources answering or at least shedding light to some of the burning questions. Why is Diana Payne back and what does this mean for Chuck and Nate? What is the future of Ivy? How will the relationship of Dan and Blair unfold? What about Serena and Blair's friendship?

Why is Elizabeth Hurley's Diana Payne coming back on Gossip Girl? — Whitney
 To unmask Gossip Girl! Well, maybe. "[That] is definitely at the forefront of these episodes," executive producer Josh Safran teases. "We will learn the secret that Gossip Girl has had on Diana." But that's not all. Diana has other unfinished business. "She is not only going to try to take her place back at The Spectator, but also maybe in Nate's heart," he says. Oh, that again?
Source:TV Guide

Question: Give us a scoop about a Gossip Girl/Dair moment in the future that you can’t wait to see? —Ivana
Ausiello: There’s a fairly epic kiss on the horizon. That should be pretty cool. Also, look for Dan to make a pretty big professional sacrifice during May sweeps — in the name of love.
Question: Do you know anything about Gossip Girl and the possible reunion of Blair and Chuck? Give us some hope for true love. —Gabby
Ausiello: Would you settle for some truly heartbreaking news regarding another GG duo? You would? Awesome. Thanks for being so flexible. Exec producer Josh Safran confirms that Lily and Rufus are headed for a rough patch — and it’s caused by their recent move across the East River. “There is a lot of relationship drama [coming up] for Lily and Rufus,” he says. “Let’s just say a tree may grow in Brooklyn, but Lily van der Woodsen does not. She is a Manhattan girl at heart and her transition is not going to last very long.”
Source:TV Line
Talia: I know Blair fans will hate this question, but I want to know what's going on with Ivy. #gossipgirl
"Now that Ivy is actually an insider, but she wasn't born there, the question will be, do people have to accept her?" Josh Safran muses to us. "I think that story goes into really interesting places because it really challenges the fabric of the Upper East Side. Lily and Rufus aren't even living there anymore and here's this woman who is now tied to them." And y'all better get used to Ivy being around the UES, because Safran says thatGossip Girl has "every intention of Kaylee [DeFer] being back next season."

I’d love to hear about Chuck, Serena or Nate’s story. Or whether Chair fans have anything to look forward to #GossipGirl — @Jaime20lee
Let’s go with Nate — and with good reason. He has some juicy stuff coming up that stems from the return of the aforementioned leggy beauty Liz Hurley, and it’s going to put some strain on his new relationship with Lola. (One of manystrains, I hear.) But Nate’s major moment of the season comes closer to the end, after the full core team reunites for their seasonal take-down. “Every season we have our core group come together to vanquish an enemy,” says Safran. “This season — just upping it a little bit — our core group comes together for more than one episode to vanquish an enemy. Maybe even more than one! And that story involves Nate in a major way.”
Anything good for Chuck and Blair? Or Serena and Blair? S/B have been abandoned this season. — @BlairsMinion
If it’s a S/B story you’re craving my sweet ‘Minion, hold on to your headband because that’s pretty much the essence of the “really special” season finale, according to Safran. “The landscape of Gossip Girl will be forever changed from this point forward for everybody,” he says. “[It’s] almost entirely about Serena and Blair and their friendship and what that will be exactly.”

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